Two Paise Club was started to share what I read every day. I believe that in an age where everything is going digital and information is traveling at the speed of light, it is important to understand the significance of reading books.

To encourage the next generation to read more we started a newsletter every day with a book highlight. You know as they say, "A book highlight a day, keeps your brain awake!".

When you read, you get the opportunity to imagine and build upon the content you read, rather than just watching videos that teach the same things.

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We at Two Paise Club are very passionate about writing and story telling.

Apart from writing amazing newsletters daily, we offer a few services to keep the motors running, which include:

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- Book Publishing (with a partner company)

- Book Consultation

- Merchandise support for anything!

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Shashank SN

A failed stand-up comic who has a thing for non-fiction books!