Meet the Creators!

So there are two people now, who run Two Paise Club with their laptops. One is, Shashank, and the other one is Bhavya.

Shashank is basically Sherlock Holmes, and Bhavya is Joan Watson. Yeah, Joan, not John, but Joan Watson from the Elementary series.

But for the sake of writing bios, let’s make it a third-person perspective.

Shashank is a failed stand-up comic who has a thing for non-fiction books! But for the sake of this, you can address him as 'Lord'.

And yes, he's technically a Lord, and he knows it's dumb!

The other over-enthusiastic 20-year-old is Bhavya, probably the only girl on the planet who is okay with revealing her age.

By now, you know who's writing these bios 😂

She likes to be called only and only Bhavya; don't come at her with the nicknames, okay Bhav! But she's so fixated on her dream life that she's turned manifestation into her part-time hobby.

Shashank is from Dindigul where people just feed each other biryani, and Bhavya is chilling and building her life in Delhi, only so she can have both bubble tea and butter chicken delivered right at home at 3 am.

Apart from their combined obsession of books, they both are food critics which no one paid them for. With Shashank taking his biryani seriously and Bhavya with her lemon cheesecake.

They both can sleep like hippos or go sleepless for days with coffee, but one thing for sure: they both want the same thing "to help people read non-fiction books so that they can up skill themselves."

And after all this back and forth thing, if you still want to find them, here are their LinkedIn profiles where they act like they are a big deal.