Is the focal point of the company is to come up with solutions to problems or just add more fancy features?
The point is to set a goal and work backward from it.
Is it easier to raise money or acquire other resources when you have zero revenue, zero customers, and zero traction?
In this digital landscape, traditional constraints no longer hold us back.
Not the team that failed in the olympics, but the one that will take you to the Forbes list.
If they are, why do they wanna bring you down so bad?
Whether it's a high-pressure hostage situation or simply explaining to a child why they shouldn't eat that candy!
If it does, the consequences might not be pretty.
Isn't it when someone does something from their bedroom or garage?
What makes the two parts of business?
Is it the strategic planning or the yelling from the sidelines 😂
Is it the ingredients or the tools in kitchen?